Take off your shoes in Sweden

You Are Invited to a Private Party in Sweden? Take off Your Shoes!

You Enter A Swedish Home: Take Off Your Shoes! So, you have entered Sweden and are invited over to a Swede’s home. You are a bit nervous because you’re not used to Swedish culture and customs yet. … Read more

Popular Swedish Swear Words

Popular Swedish Swear Words and How to Pronounce Them

Swedes usually don’t show when they are angry. At least not as much as people from other countries – like for example Italy, Germany or the USA. But when a certain level of anger is reached even … Read more

Swedish Christmas/Weihnachten in Schweden

Christmas in Sweden – Food & Funny Swedish Traditions

When people in Sweden celebrate the birthday of baby jesus they might do that a little different from what you might expect. How does a typical Christmas in Sweden look like? Below you find out … Read more

Typically Swedish page 4

Typically Swedish #76-100, Page 4/4

What is typically Swedish? Page 4 of 4 Here back to… Page 1, #1-25 Page 2, #26-50 Page 3, #51-75   76. During the Christmas holiday season, you use to drink Glögg, to which you … Read more

Typically Swedish page 3

Typically Swedish #51-75, Page 3

What is typically Swedish? Page 3 Here back to… Page 1/4, #1-25 Page 2/4, #26-50 Forward to … Page 4/4, #76-100 51. The letter Å (pronounced like a short “Oh“)   52. Snus – the mini … Read more

Typically Swedish page 2

Typically Swedish #26 – 50, Page 2

  What is typically Swedish? Page 2 of 4 Here back to page 1/4, #1-25 26. You know in which year the Olympic Games were in Stockholm 1912 27. You consider it completely normal that every Easter, … Read more

Typically Swedish

What is typically Swedish? During the last couple of years, I have been collecting several “things” that I consider typically Swedish. These things can be actual products or behaviors of Swedish people that you encounter … Read more

Marc O'Polo Schwedische Mode

Swedish Fashion

First impressions When you come to Sweden, walk on the street and have a look at the Swedish people, you will most certainly think Swedes are very fashion-conscious. Their hairstyle is fresh and edgy, often the lastest you … Read more

The Swedes and Alcohol: About Drinking in Sweden (Culture, Law, Prices, Alcoholism)

Sweden is not only known for IKEA, ABBA and Volvo but also for its high alcohol prices. Why does alcohol cost so much in Sweden and what do Swedes generally think about the consumption of … Read more

Schwedische Charts - Top 50

Swedish Music Charts – Top 50 in Sweden

Are you looking for the most popular songs in Sweden right now? Below you find the frequently updated Swedish Single Charts, presented by Spotify. If you are in a more nostalgic mood have a look at … Read more