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Marc O'Polo Schwedische Mode
Marc O’Polo (Screenshot)

First impressions

When you come to Sweden, walk on the street and have a look at the Swedish people, you will most certainly think Swedes are very fashion-conscious. Their hairstyle is fresh and edgy, often the lastest you also see on the cover of fashion magazines. 

Rather distinct for Swedish fashion, in my eyes, is their attention to detail and the color matching. Everything seems to be well arranged and put together. However, there is not much that you can do wrong if you only wear cloth that are black or white, or have any grey-scale in between. And yet, they succeed to arrange their cloths in a way that makes them perfectly fit into their minimalistic and well decorated living rooms.

Whyred Schwedische Mode und Shops
Whyred (Screenshot)

Even Swedes who seem to wear just casual cloth like jeans with holes, a pair of sneakers and a simple t-shirt – having a closer look, makes you realize that this person has stood at least a few minutes in front of his or her wardrobe to find out what’s best for the day, and which cloth reflect one’s mood and personality the most. 

The character of Swedish people is in general less extrovert compared to central and certainly southern Europeans. And so is the Swedish fashion, less shouty, and more consensus-oriented. Extremes are rare.

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish

Among their peers, Swedes dress very alike. If you see a certain style on the street that sticks out a little, a few minutes or meters later you see a similar person wearing almost exactly the same dress. When you go on a pre-party with economy students and you don’t wear a white or blue shirt as a guy, you will for sure be considered a rebel. ;)

Price conscious Swedes

The cloths they buy don’t seem to cost too much either. Many Swedes seem to rather buy the latest fashion and throw it away after one or two seasons than buying one classic piece and keeping it for many years. 

Swedes and white sneakers 

White Converse Chucks Shoe Fashion Sweden

A real Swede owns a pair of white Converse. After two minutes in the center of a Swedish city, at least 10 people have passed you wearing these shoes. (To be honest, I have a pair as well…) It’s a piece you can not do anything wrong with. 

Swedish fashion compared to the German way of having cloths on the body

In Germany people are not as fashion-conscious as in Sweden. And actually, I can point out German tourists already by their cloth and haircuts. Things in Germany have to be practical, convenient, functional. According to many Germans, the purpose of cloths is to keep you warm and protected you from nature’s bad moods. If a garment has pockets and a color that is not dreadful, that’s just a bonus. ;)

Popular fashion in Sweden right now

Schwedische Mode  - 3

Recently (Summer 2015), I went into a couple of Swedish fashion stores and asked them “What’s popular in Sweden right now?” Here are the answers:

Swedish fashion trends for girls: 

  • 70’s
  • Laces (I like that, looks cute)
  • Color: colorful patterns (this summer), mocca-brown (also a bit 70’s-ish), black and white is alway popular, it probably never runs out of fashion, 
  • Shoes: white sneakers, brown/beige fine leather shoes

Swedish fashion trends for guys: 

  • Long but slim t-shirts with wide collar and pattern-print (often flowers)
  • Tight jeans or at least tight at the food ankle
  • slim-fit shirts (often light-blue)

What would of the cloth you already own would you wear if you’d come to Sweden? Let me have a look :)

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