Surströmming – Opening a Can of Swedish Stinky Fish with Dogs

Dogs try Swedish rotten fish - Surströmming
What happens when dogs smell Swedish stinky fish

You might have heard about the Swedish rotten fish called Surströmming, “soured herring”. It’s fermented herring in a can.

In many Swedish buildings you’re not allowed to open these cans, because the awful smell won’t disappear. It’s not even allowed to carry the Surströmming-cans with you in your luggage when you travel by plane. In short, it smells like hell and many Swedes seem to be afraid of it!

Smell of Surströmming – stinky Swedish fish

In this video I open a can of this Swedish delicacy, to check out what the fuzz is all about. Is the smell really that bad?

On the way to our filming location, John, the camera man, and I asked a young Swedish lady if we could borrow one of her dogs to check how it reacts to the smell. Some things went a bit out of control…

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How dogs react to Surströmming

… and it was probably the last time my camera man helped me with my recordings.

Unexpectedly the dogs got very excited about the Surströmming. The dog with the brighter hair spontaneously decided to eat the yellow sponge of my microphone…

Advice for dog owners

if you have a dog that tends to be lazy and boring – open a can of rotten Swedish fish – and see what happens.

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