Yes, You Can Drink Tap Water in Sweden – Just Like All Swedes Do

Drinking Swedish tap water

Now. You are in Sweden, finding yourself sitting on the stylish sofa, in a fancy restaurant or standing in the middle of a packed dance floor. You feel an itch in your throat. The unpleasant feeling of thirst has taken over your body and mind.

What do you do?

Drink Tap Water In Sweden

Drink Swedish tap water

Swedes have a close relationship to nature. It’s vast. And it’s beautiful. So why not quenching your thirst with the drink that comes directly out of it? Water.

Many Swedes in the country side even have their own well supplying this vital liquid.
(This vital liquid is not to be confused with Aquavit which literally means “Life-Water“. But even though some Swedes might disagree, Akvavit not really vitally important.)

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Ett glas vatten, tack! – A glas of water, please!

No need for water in bottles

Water fresh from the tap is of very high quality in Sweden.

According to many Swedes, buying bottled water is pure waste. Unless you like to observe rising bubbles maybe. But even then – get yourself a SodaStream, many Swedes might argue.

Why carrying heavy crates of bottled water, spending unnecessary time and money, if all you have to do is go to the kitchen and lift a little handle.

Free water in restaurants and clubs

Just take as much as you want. You get refreshing water everywhere and you don’t even need to feel embarrassed if you order “En vatten, tack!” in a nice restaurant. They will bring you a glas, maybe with ice. But you definitely won’t have to pay for it.

Another advantage: When you are partying in a club and notice that you – or one of your thirsty friends – have been drinking too much, you can cheaply avoid some throw up disaster. You just order one glas of water after the other to outbalance the alcohol in the drunk’s body. No cost and no angry looks from the staff.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

So go ahead new-Swede! Don’t worry! Get yourself a glas of refreshing tab water!

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