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10 Sweden Challenge tasks

  1. Have a fika
    Try typical Swedish pastry, like a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) and en kopp kaffe (a cup of coffee) in a cozy Swedish café.
    Order “En kaffe och en kanelbulle, tack!
    More about how to have a Swedish fika, here.
  2. Order a drink in Swedish
    Here is how to order a …
  3. Have smalltalk with a Swede about the weather
    You can use any language, it doesn’t have to be Swedish.
    Swedes like to speak about the weather in small talk situations.
  4. Get a nummerlapp
    Nummerlapp is a ticket from a ticketdispenser. You find them in many stores, banks, post offices and pharmacies. (It still happens that I go into a store and wait in the queue, not realizing for several minutes that I should have taken a ticket from a ticketautomat (ticketdispenser). Embarrassing.)
  5. Pick godis (candy) from a godisvägg (candy wall, in supermarkets) into a little paper bag.
    Try Swedish liquorice! Swedes love it. It’s salty. You will either love or (most likely) hate it.
    More about Swedish candy from the candy wall.
  6. Open a can of surströmming
    Surströmming is fermented herring. But first, let a Swede explain to you why you MUST NOT open it inside a building. It’s up to you if you – after having experienced the “distinct” smell of it – want to actually try the taste if a bit of surströmming.
    More about what can happen if you open a can of Swedish surströmming.
  7. Go into a Systembolaget
    Systembolaget is a Swedish alcohol chain, owned by the Swedish state. It’s actually the only proper alcohol store there is. Swedes really seem to like their alcohol to be sold by a state-owned chain, and it has to be expensive. So, check out the prices of your favorite drinks and gasp ;) More about drinking alcohol in Sweden – rules and culture.
  8. Dance Små grodorna
    Små grodorna is a typcal Swedish midsummer dance. You hav to dance like little frogs in a circle. Ask a Swede for proper instructions, and have a big laugh together. More about Swedish midsummer traditions.
  9. Sing the song Helan går
    Helan går is a song that Swedes love to sing when they drink a snaps or any kind of spirits from a shot glas. You can learn it quickly, you find the lyrics and a video, here.
  10. Jump into a lake
    Preferably from a brygga (jetty). Swedes enjoy spending time in the beautiful Swedish nature. And what can be more fun experiencing it than having a dip into one of the idyllic lakes or waters at the stunning archipelagos which you can find plentyful at the coastline of Sweden.

How you can join the Sweden Challenge

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  1. Take a photo or video that shows you solving one of the 10 Sweden Challenge tasks (see above)
  2. Add the hashtag #SwedenChallenge
  3. Add the tag @hejsweden to the description of your photo or video and publish it (publicly visible) on your Instagram or Facebook

I will check out all contributions. The best pictures and videos will be shared on Hej Sweden’s Instagram and Facebook.
Lycka till! Good luck!

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