Sweden Challenge 2018 – How Swedish Can You Be? – Become a “Master of Sweden”

Discover your Swedishness with 25 Sweden Challenge tasks

  • Join the Sweden Challenge to discover Sweden in a more authentic and entertaining way
  • Become a Master of Sweden, by solving all 25 tasks

Quick guide how to join

  • Take a photo that shows you solving one of the 25 Sweden Challenge tasks (see below)
  • Add the hashtag #SwedenChallenge and tag @hejsweden to the description of your publicly visible photo and publish it on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account
  • The best contributions will be shared on Hej Sweden’s social media accounts.

25 Sweden Challenge tasks

  1. Have a fika
    Eat a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) and en kopp kaffe (a cup of coffee) in a Swedish café.
    Order “En kaffe och en kanelbulle, tack!
    #SwedenChallenge #fika
  2. Sit in the luggage space of a Volvo V70/V90
    #SwedenChallenge #volvo
  3. Order a beer or cider
    “En öl/cider, tack!”
    #SwedenChallenge #enoltack
  4. Get a nummerlapp
    Nummerlapp is a ticket from a ticketdispenser. You find them in many stores, banks, post offices and pharmacies.
    #SwedenChallenge #nummerlapp
  5. Get godis (candy) from a godisvägg (candy wall in supermarkets) into a little paper bag
    #SwedenChallenge #godis
  6. Kiss a Swede
    … on the cheek (at least). That should be someone who you haven’t know longer than maybe an hour.
    (Of course, I can’t prove how long you knew the person. Just see is as an opportunity to strech your comfort zone a little and get to know a Swede with the excuse that you’re just participating in the Sweden Challenge. :))
    So, even better, get a puss (kiss) from a Swede on your cheek.
    #SwedenChallenge #puss
  7. Drink a Swedish snaps after singing the song “Helan går
    #SwedenChallenge #snaps
  8. Listen to ABBA and make an ABBA (or 70’s) dance move
    #SwedenChallenge #ABBA
  9. Go by Swedish public transport (bus, subway, tram). Choose an empty double seat. Put an item on the seat next to you to mark that you want to sit alone. (Picture of that item on the seat.)
    #SwedenChallenge #public
  10. Take a selfie with a moose (or moose sign) in the background
    #SwedenChallenge #moose
  11. Sing the Swedish national anthem, together with a Swede. Show your best singing skills or pose (if you post a photo instead of a video)
    #SwedenChallenge #anthem
  12. Try a kebabpizza together with vitkålsallad (kale salad)
    #SwedenChallenge #pizza
  13. Go into a Swedish souvenir shop and get an item with a Swedish flag on it (can be anything, from a fridge magnet, key ring to an actual Swedish flag)
    #SwedenChallenge #flag
  14. Go to an Ikea store, lay down on one of their beds and pretend you’re sleeping
    #SwedenChallenge #ikea
  15. Eat köttbullar
    (Pronounce correctly while ordering. Now that you already are at Ikea. ;) )
    #SwedenChallenge #meatballs
  16. Go to Systembolaget to buy a systemetpåse (Sytembolaget’s plastic bag) and carry a bottle or can of … (whatever you like) in it
    #SwedenChallenge #systembolaget
  17. Take a picture of you in front of a typical Swedish red house (rött hus med vita knutar)
    #SwedenChallenge #redhouse
  18. Stand in a queue with an appropriate Swedish distance to the person in front
    #SwedenChallenge #queue
  19. Have a barbecue, while trying not to get bitten by a mosquito.
    #SwedenChallenge #bbq
  20. Show your love to nature (What about doing so by hugging a tree?)
    #SwedenChallenge #nature
  21. Swedify your first or last name. If impossible, choose which Swedish names you’d like to have in case you’d be a Swede.
    #SwedenChallenge #name
  22. Play kubb (Viking chess)
    #SwedenChallenge #kubb
  23. Make a midsommarkrans (midsummer wreath)
    Even though it’s maybe not exactly on midsummer. But just to get a little feeling of this Swedish tradition. Put it on your hair and dance like little frogs in a circle. Ask a Swede for proper instructions
    #SwedenChallenge #midsummer
  24. Open a can of Surströmming
    But first, let a Swede explain to you why NOT to open it inside a building. It’s up to you if you want to try to taste Surströmming
    #SwedenChallenge #surstromming
  25. Jump into a Swedish lake from a brygga (bridge)
    #SwedenChallenge #jump

Lycka till! Good luck!

Swedishness explained

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