How I Made Friends in Sweden

Friends in Sweden
Friends in Sweden

I recently published the post “How to Make Friends with Swedes – What to Do & Avoid“, in which I share the best tips how to get to know Swedes. Including what to do in order to avoid pitfalls. It is a collection of general as well as my personal other friends’ tips. Read the post here.

During my years in Sweden I have met many great people, some of which have become close friends of mine. This is how I personally met most of my Swedish friends:

  • Studying at a Swedish university, together with Swedes (courses in English). Courses where group work is required helped.
  • Went to parties, even when I felt like staying at home. Having a drink with Swedes is like a lubricant in the friend making processes.
    (Read my post about the drinking culture in Sweden.)
  • Reaching out to organisations that dealt with topics I’m interested in and went to their local mingle events, e.g. entrepreneurship: ALMI, Drivhuset.
    (More about Swedish working culture).
  • Renting a place in an open office landscape where I met other entrepreneurs
  • Getting to know friends of friends. I know, of course, first you have to get to know someone before you get to know their friends. But once you go to events that are organised by other Swedes, it is very likely you will get to know and connect with their friends as well.
  • Dating apps. Why not “just be friends”?! Some girls I met there have become good friends of mine.
    (More about dating in Sweden)

I hope this inspires you how you might meet some Swedes and make new friends in Sweden.

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