5 Reasons Why Sweden Is Simply Amazing

Are you thinking about traveling to Sweden? Or do you consider moving there for a while, for studies or work? But you don’t know exactly whether Sweden is the right country for you?

Why Sweden is a great country

In case you (or some of your friends or family members) still doubt your decision, here are a few aspects where Sweden emerges in comparison with many other countries.

Why Sweden is a great country

  1. Beautiful nature
    Loooots of stunningly beautiful nature.
    (Check out my photos on Instagram @hejsweden)
  2. Stuff just works
    Institutions, infrastructure and Volvos.
    Most of the time. Pretty well at least.
  3. Low levels of corruption
    (Swedes – a non-bribe tribe.)
  4. Friendly Swedes
    Individually and as a nation. For how many years has your country not been at war? Probably not over 200 years, has it?
  5. Low exposure to natural catastrophes
    A wild fire here and then, but apart from that … knock on wood.

Sorry, can’t just stop here, there’s more …

  1. Technologically advanced
    For example, fast mobile internet and high digitalisation of Swedish institutions. (Paper is for artists and toilets.)
  2. Swedes are fluent in English
    You don’t necessarily need to learn Swedish in order to live in Sweden for a while. But if you still want to learn some basic Swedish, it could be a good idea to start by learning these funny Swedish words: bra, puss, kock and more, here.
  3. Swedes have dedicated days where they celebrate their pastries (and other foods)
    Who doesn’t want a kanelbullens dag, cinnamon bun’s day?
    More about traditional Swedish food, here.

This list will probably be completed with further points later on. Let me know what you would add to this list (or what should be removed), by sending me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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