Jobs in Sweden – Where & How to Find Work

Find jobs in Sweden, where and how
How and where to find work in Sweden – here is what to do …

Are you looking for a job in Sweden? Here are a few tips how to find the right Swedish workplace for you.

Benefits of the Swedish workplace

Swedish companies are known for their employee-friendly working culture: flat hierarchies, reasonable payment, 25 days of paid vacation and 480 days of paid parental leave (in total), are only a few reasons why working in Sweden sounds appealing to many job-seekers.

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Useful links: where to find jobs in Sweden

Check out the following websites and portals for the best job offers:

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish

Extra tip for the proactive jobb-seeker:, registry with all companies in Sweden

How to find jobs in Sweden – in 5 steps

  1. Apply for a Swedish work permithere is how
  2. Get your CV and letter of application in good shape, adjusted to Swedish standards (e.g. no cheesy pictures). Ask a Swedish friend or Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish agency for work) for help.
  3. Get found
  4. Find
    • Browse job registries, like the one on Arbetsförmedlingen or Jobbsafari, for job offers
    • Join groups on Facebook, search for “jobb i stockholm” for example
    • Check job accounts and hashtags on Twitter, e.g. #nyttjobb
    • Reach out directly to companies via email, but don’t forget to pick up the phone after a while
  5. Get prepared for the job interview, here is how

More about Sweden

Did you find a job in Sweden? Please share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

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