Norrland in Sweden – 5 (Likely) Reasons Most Swedes Do Not Want to Live There

Norrland North of Sweden
Welcome to Norrland – the north of Sweden

Sweden has about 10 million inhabitants. About 80% of the population live in the bottom 20% of the country. Why?

Here is an attempt to answer the question why most Swedes live in the south, causing a low density of population in the north.

Why do only a few Swedes live in Norrland

  1. Dangers

    More Swedes live in the south, because – compared to their northern countrymen – they haven’t been eaten by wolves and bears.

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  2. Socializing

    Most Swedes (80%) actually do like to talk other people. In the south are simply more people to talk to.

    If you don’t like small talk, move to the north!

    If you love engaging in exuberant verbal conversations, Sweden, in general, probably isn’t the right place for you.

  3. Cost

    Some Swedes can appear to be a bit stingy – sometimes. They don’t want to spend a fortune on heating and warm winter clothing. In the north, it gets more cold and therefore more expensive.

  4. Cost – again

    Not all Swedes admit it, but they do love to get drunk. (Check out my post: The Swedes and alcohol – about drinking in Sweden)

    Alcohol is expensive in Sweden. Alcohol in Germany however is cheap. Living closer to Germany gives southern Swedes a financial advantage over northern Swedes when it comes to the supply of conversation enabling liquids.

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  5. Time efficiency

    Many Swedes enjoy sexual interactions. Living in the north of Sweden means spending more time taking off cloths instead of engaging in the actual act of love making.

    Honestly, who gets turned on by watching one’s partner peeling off three pairs of socks from their frozen feet?

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