Swedish Profanity: This Is How Swedes Swear

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Normally, when Swedes get a little angry, they say words like hopsan, oj (oops) or alltså näääh (oh nooo).
But when they drop their iPhone or find out that their colleague has taken their mug from the office cabinet, more strong language can cross their lips.
Therefore it’s important, for you as a new-Swede, to understand the most common Swedish swear words and when to use them correctly.

Most popular Swedish swear words

People from your country probably use terms that are connected to genitals, or actions that are connected to the application of them. Swedes on the other hand, prefer to refer to the devil and the place where he’s living.

Top 3 Swedish Swear words

  1. fan – devil
  2. jävla – devilish
  3. helvete – hell

(Here, how to correctly pronounce them. Video)

Another popular word is skit (shit), which you can freely combine with many other Swedish words, like skitstövel (shit-boot) or skitbil (shitty car) or skit samma (never mind).

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Once, when a friend caught his finger in a closing door, I witnessed his rhetoric perfection as he managed to use all of the afore mentioned words in just one sentence…

“Fan i helvetes jävla skit!” – “Devil in hell’s devilish shit!”

Swedish prafanity

Of course, those are not the only Swedish swear words you can use to express your irritation. There are more words you should know – but better not use. Or, if you do, maybe only when your closest friends are around.

So, here is the super-rude words you shouldn’t use when you meet your parents in law or a police man or woman. Yes, we’re talking about those sexually related words standing for female and male genital organs.

Here we, go

  • Female: The Swedish equivalent for, erm, “c u n t” is: “f!tta”
    (Now you wonder, why didn’t he write it out, the way it’s spelled correctly. Well, I didn’t do it because I’m afraid Google might consider this website as one with dirty content. ;) )
  • The men’s part – “c0ck” is simply “k u k” in Swedish.

Nice Swedish curse word

Now that we have gone through very foul language – and I have stopped blushing – it’s time to finish this How to be Swedish-step with a word you can use without being concerned, even if children are around.

The nicest swear word in Sweden is: sjutton (seventeen)

Yeah, I know, sounds funny and even a bit cute.


So, now you jävla know how to hellishly swear like a damn Swede.

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