How to be Swedish – in 10 Easy Steps

10 Steps to Swedishize yourself You are going to spend some time in Sweden, for travelling, work or a semester abroad? You wonder how to blend in and act like a typical Swede?  Follow the … Read more

Find it difficult to receive a favor – How to be Swedish

Swedes have good personal qualities. They can be generous and welcoming. Plus, many Swedish people have a good memory. In combination this means, Swedes can remember that you invited them for a beer, even if it’s a while ago and … Read more

“Lagom” in Sweden – What It Means and Where It Comes from

What is lagom? Lagom is the Swedish expression for “in moderation”, “just right” or “not too much and not too little”, as the Swedes use to reply to this question with their sweet Swedish accent. Swedes … Read more

Swedish “Jantelagen”, law of Jante – Why Swedes don’t show off

In Sweden, you must not own a gun without license, slap your child or sell your neighbors car without permission. All this is written in Swedish law. One law that is not given by the state but yet … Read more

Be progressive – How to be Swedish

Swedes are world leading when it comes to the adaptation of new products. They like to try everything that’s labeled “new”. Speaking in marketing terms, to be an innovation leader or early adopter is what … Read more

Swedish flag - National day in Sweden

The Swedish Flag – Flag Days in Sweden

Swedes are nice people. They don’t steal from other’s. Instead they even like to pay high taxes for a more healthy society. Advanced Sweden And, in fact, Sweden offers a high quality of life: reasonably high wages, … Read more

Take music and singing seriously – How to be Swedish

In Sweden it’s not good to bee to good at something, except singing. If you can sing you can proudly present it to others. Things you need to know when you talk to Swedes about … Read more

Have candy on Saturdays: "lördagsgodis" - How to be Swedish

Eat candy on Saturdays, lördagsgodis – How to be Swedish

Sugary food is popular all over the world. Almost everyone loves to eat a piece of chocolate or colorful skittles. So do Swedes. They actually have the highest consumption of candy in the World. 17kg, that’s … Read more